Falcon Academy’s


  •     Making the school the best quality school in Addis Ababa.


  • Playing significance role in contributing our own optimal share to the country’s development and transformation plan through developing qualified and standard education to the target generation
  • Through using an Ethiopian/American based curriculum and the best international programs, and helping the children of the Academy to achieve academic excellence, enjoy life – long learning and responsibility, contribute to the world and their country.


  • Leveling a professional basement for quality of education and enabling education to became an ideal tool for development.
  • Raising a generation who is well equipped with democratic laws

o   Who respects rule of law

o   Who believes in equality of citizens

o   Who believes in endurance and tolerance

o   Who is rational enough to pass decisions based on knowledge and logic 


Enabling the rising generation, by way of quality education, so as to become productive, socially competent, problem solvers, Developing well -rounded personalities with humane characters, thereby, producing full-fledged, matured Ethiopian citizens who can successfully live and work in peace and harmony both at home and internationally.


Based on the curriculum and policy of the land, providing adequate knowledge, skills, information, talent, attitudes, vision and values for those students enrolled in all grades and levels which will assist them in the building of the nation.


Patriotism , decisiveness, honesty, patience, freedom of expression, commitment, equity, effectiveness, quality, participation, excellence, punctuality and strong work ethic.

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