Rules and Regulations of the Library

v   Everybody must come with his/her reading materials.

v   He/she must stay only in assigned reading room and place.

v   While reading nobody is allowed to discuss with next person, but allowed except lunch time reading.

v   During lunchtime, everyone must come before 7:15 and leave at 7:55.

v   Everyone can borrow one book at a time.

v   Nobody is allowed to borrow with others ID card.

v   Remember, there are some books not allowed to borrow.

Ø   When you come to borrow:

§  Be with your ID card

§  Write all the information and sign.

§  You should know to bring it back early.

(a maximum of three days)

§  Put the book on the right place.

v   Nobody can change a book before 30 minutes reading.

v   For those who are not responsible to these, there are consequences like

Ø  He/she will not allow borrowing any book for a week.

Ø   He/she will not allow borrowing books from the library for two days.

v Remember, your silence, honesty and punctual ity is not an option, but a must.

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