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Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10, 2015
(This is an American holiday, but we need to take every chance we can to appreciate and remember the contribution our mothers have in our lives. Tell your mother you love her and appreciate her on this day and every day.)
Some things you can do for your mother on mother’s day (have your own nice ideas too.)
1. Make her a card or draw her picture expressing your love.
2. Let her sleep late.
3. Cook her something special for breakfast.
4. Help her by cleaning up the house before she wakes up.
5. Treat her like a queen.
6. Spend time with her doing something she enjoys. Ask her what she wants you to do.
7. Tell her how you feel about her in words. She will never forget it.
8. Clean up your room and get organized to make her happy.
9. Go for a nice walk with your mother.
10. Give her a foot massage.
11. Listen to her and do what she wants you to do. Remember there is no life without our mother.
Have a great day with you mothers whether you are a student or a parent yourself.

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